Root Barrier Installation

Root barrier installation involves cutting of the roots of the trees growing in proximity to a building and installing a barrier in order to prevent the roots growing again in the area where they are not desired.

The roots of a tree grow as they get the moisture and other nutrients from the soil. However the problem with root growth is that the growth is haphazardly and can cause serious damage. Root barrier prevents underground drainage, cable systems, piping and sewage from the invasion and damage caused by the growing roots. Root barriers facilitate in directing the growth of roots of a tree downward that results in eliminating the roots to surface in such a manner that leads to safety hazards or penetrate to building foundations and walls.

Our root barrier installation techniques are designed in such a manner that reduces the hazards of roots growing towards the buildings, underground piping and cables. Our root barrier installation techniques are the best in class solutions that do not cause any damage to the tree or shrubs. We just eliminate the damage caused by the roots without harming the tree.

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