Timber Milling

Tree Industries provides you with all types of timber milling services to satisfy all your timber needs. We provide land owners, private contractors, estate managers and government agencies with timber milling services that convert the timber into useful blocks and slabs rather than leaving it to rot or just for wood burning.

Milled timber beams and slabs can be used for various house building and commercial purposes. We also provide re-milling of old timbers depending upon the desired shape and size. We provide milling of hardwood and softwood in different sizes. Our advanced milling machinery, combined with a highly skilled and experienced staff, provides a fast and effective timber milling service to the people in the Gold Coast area.

Our milling machinery carefully and aesthetically converts huge planks of timber into all sized slabs and beams so that they can be used for various commercial applications. Whether you require timber beams for making furniture or you just need timber slabs for your fireplace, we provide you all the requisite solutions at your doorstep.

For all types of timber milling needs, feel free to call us at 0401 712 590.


Specialising in...

  • Tree Removal / Pruning
  • Land Clearing
  • Stump Grinding
  • Mulching
  • 24/7 Emergency Work
  • Root Barriers
  • Custom milled timber

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